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January 29, 2010

Poem – Live with Passion

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Live with Passion


No one is certain about tomorrow

It could bring joy, it could be bring sorrow.

So, lets live one day at a time

With a positive attitude that all will be fine.


We plan our lives right from the start,

Big dreams, big goals carved in out heart.

But nothing is ever secure,

Its hard to predict the future.


Who know’s what tomorrow will bring,

There’s no certainty about anything.

You might be rich, you might be poor,

You might soon be knocking on heaven’s door.


So live your life with passion my dear,

Live in love and not in fear.

Spread happiness where ever you go,

Be friends with all and never a foe.


LadyElena   2009 © All rights reserved


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January 28, 2010

Poem – Angels in Disguise

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Angels in Disguise 

 * * *

Out of know where – smiled at you warmly, not saying much

 You stood still wondering, gazing into warm, bright eyes.

 Walking away, in 3 seconds you turn back – there’s no one to watch

 Little did you know it was an Angel in disguise.

 Every adult has met an angel in their life

 Some knew, others didn’t have a clue

 Lots of Angels appear to us in Disguise.

 * * *

LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved

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January 23, 2010

Poem – Exit Door

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Exit Door


So how long will you stay in that Hell?

Don’t you think you deserve to be happy?

Horrifying experiences and no one you tell

but smile when your out, then go back to World War 3.


Deep within you know you’re a good person

You have always been faithful to him.

Yet you allow him continue to “teach you a lesson”

As he accuses you of sleeping with Tom, Dick and Jim!

You have your whole life in front of you

He won’t change no matter how long you wait.

There’s an Exit door, its up to you to walk through

and you’ve got kids, so don’t leave it too late.


** Ladies: Vice Versa – don’t hit or abuse your man either.

LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved

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January 21, 2010

Poem – Here to Stay

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Poem – Here to stay


I see you in my minds eye

It’s just a matter of time before you drop by

Bringing sunshine into my life again.

* * *

All I ask, is that you be there

No more promises, I can’t bear

Just be you and I’ll be me.

* * *

This life flies by so quickly

Lets treasure each moment happily

We don’t have to speak, our eyes say it all.

* * *

As we celebrate anniversaries

There’ll be such sweet, happy memories

To bind us strong in love till the end.


LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved

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January 18, 2010

Poem – Understanding Planet Earth

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Understanding Planet Earth

Watching Slumdog Secret Millionaire yesterday, makes me wonder
Why this world has no balance
Some kids don’t seem to have a chance.


About a Multi-millionaire Indian Lady in London
Who for a week or so went to live in a slum
And left them with money to run projects when she was gone.


The poor are in Africa, Europe and so called “1st world” America
But we can’t be angry with those who have money
Lots are kind and donate generously.


But still………………..Planet Earth has no balance


Some people live in a Pent house
Some live in a Cardboard box, next to a mouse.

What some earn in half a year
Some earn that same amount in an hour.


Some for years will save £5000 to buy a car
Some will spend £5000 on a bag in an hour.


The guilty, with money escape prison with a fine
The lacking spends years there paying for his crime.


Most who drive flashy cars and live in a posh home
Look deeper, it’s from a loan that covered a previous loan.


Maybe if the whole world was just one Country
We’d have no such thing as debt and Poverty.


Just my deep thoughts as usual………….

LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved

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January 14, 2010

Helping Haiti

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Times like this I have more respect & appreciate America as a Nation

Reacting immediately, sending much Relief to Haiti – in a hopeless situation.


The earthquake and calamity that hit Haiti

Could have happened anywhere, to any Country.


Thanks to all the other nations helping and people donating

Thanks to all Red Cross and other Rescue Teams supporting.

My heart goes out to to all the people there…..


Important Info –  How we can Help:

Relief being sent and how you can help   (updated regularly)

Contacting friends and relatives in Haiti – FamilyLinks    (If you want to inform your relative you are fine or if you are looking for your relative.)

British Red Cross Aid for Haiti

Tel: 0845 053 5353  (24 hrs)

Tel: 0844 871 11 11


I personally work part-time and I am available voluntarily to any organisations in London who need people to help with answering phones / support lines / Admin or any other help that is being organised in the UK for Haiti.  Leave your email in comment box or Message me directly at Twitter – LadyElenaUK.


Please let me know of any more useful info to add to this site. 

Thank you.

January 13, 2010

Poem – Blonde, but not Dumb!

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Poem – Blonde, but not Dumb

Why do people think that Blondes are dumb?  Somehow, I don’t share that opinion. 


Claudia Schiffer - Born 1970

Of all the Super Models, Claudia Schiffer is my favourite 

She’s married, has 2 kids and still looks super fit. 

She wanted to become a Lawyer like her father 

But in her teens a Modelling Agency spotted her. 

Also starred in Films, Music Videos and Ads on Television 

to her credit her Net worth is an estimated $55 Million. 

Heidi Klum - Born 1973

Heidi klum, a Supermodel – Also Models for Victoria Secrets 

married to Seal, mother of 4 – I’d like to know her beauty tips. 

In 2008 she earned over $3Million from Victoria Secrets 

and $14 Million from other various interests. 

Has a line of clothes and beauty products of her own 

Her legs are insured for a whopping $2 Million. 

Pamela Anderson, blonde and definitely not dumb 

She posed for Playboy and became a sex bomb. 

Her career soared on Bay Watch 

All men watched  but “ouch” couldn’t touch. 

I bet when she dived in the sea, it was so cold 

But did you know she earned $300,000 per Episode? 

Pamela Anderson - Born 1967

Ivana Trump, the wisest of them all. Lovely lady who attracts attention 

First things first – In her divorce, rumoured to have received  $20 million, 

a $14 million family estate and an annual alimony of just $350 thousand. 

She must have her head screwed on well, to still stand         (financially, I mean) 

With a fashion, Jewelry range, Published books, there’s more to her than looks 

She is presently in London Celeb Big brother House and also in my good books. 


Ivana Trump - Born 1949


There are many, many more intelligent, successful Blondes but these are just a few to get you pondering. Are there any more I should add to the list? Please share with me – famous or not. 


LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved

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(** Info: Wikipedia, Imdp, knowyournetworth)



January 11, 2010

PoemQuiz (3) – What’s the movie?

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FilmPoems are based on part of a Film.  After reading, see if you can tell which film it is. 

FilmPoems (3) – What’s the movie?


Instructed by his “friend” to keep his head down

Not to draw attention, as he made his way round town.


As he walked on the road, he walked straight into a Pole

Police officers asked him to be careful and continued their parole.


He said okay to them and again walked into the pole     (ouch!! Lol)

No wonder his “friend” occasionally called him an asshole.


As dumb as he was, he had a beautiful young daughter

She never spoke, he was broke and didn’t want Social care to take her


At the end, as a “family” they had to leave the country

The dumb guy, the smart guy, the daughter – all three.


What is the name of the film?

LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved

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January 10, 2010

Poem – Look Deeper

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I think sometimes in life, we are too quick to point a finger…..


Poem – Look Deeper

 Why does he always smoke and continue to take Coke?

Needles on his skin – Everyday another poke.

Could something have pushed him to it?

What on earth made his heart Quit?

  *   *   *

Why is she “legless” always having a drink?

Why do you think she needs a shrink?

Could something be hurting her deep inside?

What in her, a long time died?

 *   *   *

Why does she want to look as thin as a pin?

Oblivious to the bones sticking out through her skin.

Could it be the one thing, she feels she can control?

Her family will be  shattered, if it takes her soul?

*   *   *  

Don’t point fingers at these  people

Or use them as a point of ridicule.

Look Deeper. Something could have happened inside

Look to help, before it ends in Suicide.

*   *   *

Ps. I apologise for the explicit picture – just bringing the message home.

LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved


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January 7, 2010

Poem – Beauty of Nature

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* * *

Nature, so beautiful.   Do we enjoy it?

 Beauty of  Nature

Sunset at the dawn of a New day

Just watching it melts your stress away.

 Waterfalls pouring from a height

Quite an awesome, amazing sight.




Moon and Stars shining so bright

At night, Darkness bears no fright.

  On the Beach, the Ocean gently roars

Meditating with it, our spirit soars.




Summer – flowers in the park, squirrels running round

Trying to find any nuts left on the ground.

 Nature is so beautiful

Are we appreciating it to the full?



LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved


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