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June 12, 2010

Poem – The Heartless

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Poem – The Heartless


They may pull you down

but you’ll rise again

and put them to shame.



They may knock you down

but you will not break

or suffer heartache.



They may make you frown

and feel cut in half

♥  but you will surely have the last  laugh.  ♥




LadyElena  June 2010 © All rights reserved 



April 30, 2010

Poem – There is still Hope

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There is still hope


As long as a new day breaks

Inspite of your mistakes

There is still hope.


As long as the sun shines in the sky

Though mountains of life seem so high

There is still hope.


As long as you are still breathing

Despite hard knocks life is bringing

There is still hope.


As long as you wake up each new day

and for one minute just pray

There is still hope.


Don’t look at the challenges

Focus on lots of positives

There is still hope.


What do you want in Life? 

See it, Feel it, Believe it

My friend, don’t lose Hope . 🙂


LadyElenaUK  Apr 2010 © All rights reserved 



February 22, 2010

Poem – Happy Mondays

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Oh, here we go it’s Monday!

Its cold, don’t wanna get out of bed.

A new week, a new day

can’t afford to, must earn some daily bread.



So  I Jump in the Shower

Get ready quickly.

All in the space of an hour

My posh carriage awaits me.



I drive like the Fast and the Furious

So I can get a parking space.

Security think I’m Notorious

as I pass them at such fast pace.



Finally, I arrive and have a coffee

Colleagues smile at me, the day has begun.

I open emails, what “goodies” await me?

A busy day, but I’ll certainly have fun.


Happy Monday to You  🙂



LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved 


January 29, 2010

Poem – Live with Passion

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Live with Passion


No one is certain about tomorrow

It could bring joy, it could be bring sorrow.

So, lets live one day at a time

With a positive attitude that all will be fine.


We plan our lives right from the start,

Big dreams, big goals carved in out heart.

But nothing is ever secure,

Its hard to predict the future.


Who know’s what tomorrow will bring,

There’s no certainty about anything.

You might be rich, you might be poor,

You might soon be knocking on heaven’s door.


So live your life with passion my dear,

Live in love and not in fear.

Spread happiness where ever you go,

Be friends with all and never a foe.


LadyElena   2009 © All rights reserved


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