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January 18, 2010

Poem – Understanding Planet Earth

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Understanding Planet Earth

Watching Slumdog Secret Millionaire yesterday, makes me wonder
Why this world has no balance
Some kids don’t seem to have a chance.


About a Multi-millionaire Indian Lady in London
Who for a week or so went to live in a slum
And left them with money to run projects when she was gone.


The poor are in Africa, Europe and so called “1st world” America
But we can’t be angry with those who have money
Lots are kind and donate generously.


But still………………..Planet Earth has no balance


Some people live in a Pent house
Some live in a Cardboard box, next to a mouse.

What some earn in half a year
Some earn that same amount in an hour.


Some for years will save £5000 to buy a car
Some will spend £5000 on a bag in an hour.


The guilty, with money escape prison with a fine
The lacking spends years there paying for his crime.


Most who drive flashy cars and live in a posh home
Look deeper, it’s from a loan that covered a previous loan.


Maybe if the whole world was just one Country
We’d have no such thing as debt and Poverty.


Just my deep thoughts as usual………….

LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved

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