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January 18, 2011

Somalian Pirates – A Shame to Africa

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Somalian Pirates – A Shame to Africa


You have never had hearts

Cruelty your middle name.

Ships you hi-jack on their paths

Bringing the Continent much shame.




Is this the only way to earn a living?

Robbing families of their loved ones.

Is this what your Religion is Teaching?

Taking the innocent hostage with your blimmin guns!




Just remember, you reap what you sow

It’s a simple and natural law of life.

These bad deeds, your generation of kids will owe

You are not the only Country going through Strife.


So, Quit The Piracy!!!


LadyElena Jan 2011 © All rights reserved


More Info: Somalian Piracy News

January 13, 2011

Christina Taylor Green

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Christina Taylor Green


She was young, sweet and Innocent

But in a twinkle of an eye – she went.

Ray of Sunshine to friends and family

Who will forever treasure her memory.


Rest in Peace Sweet Angel.

•*♡✰   •*♡✰

(Christina, the youngest victim of Arizona Shootings, was laid to rest today.)


LadyElena Jan 2011 © All rights reserved