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June 30, 2012

Poem – Parents and Teens

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Poem – Parents and Teens

“Be back early and don’t stay out late.”

Mum shouts as you walk out the gate


“You’re back late.” Dad says: “It’s nearly three?”

You shake your head thinking “God, why me?”


Yes they may talk, talk and  yell

But they’re not Parents from hell.


They’re just keeping you out of trouble

Not trying to burst your happy Teen bubble


In love, keeping you on the right track

So, don’t wish they’d get off your back.


LadyElena  June 2012 © All rights reserved

June 22, 2012

Poem – Appreciate Someone

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Appreciate Someone

Appreciate someone today

There are so many who’ll come your way.

As you do, you give out positive energy

May life treat you kind, as you make others happy.


LadyElena  June 2012 © All rights reserved