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March 27, 2010

Poem – Forgiveness

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Forgive – just let it go

Leave it to Karma, people reap what they sow.

Unforgiveness breeds resentment

Don’t let the past embitter the present.


  • He cheated on you and Fathered a baby outside your marriage?


  •  She emptied your Joint Bank Account?


  • They fabricated a lie at work against you?


  • Your parents disown you?  (maybe you married out of your culture etc.)


  • Your best friend had an affair with your boyfriend and married him?


  • Your wife threw you out of the house YOU bought?


  • He constantly beat you until you ended up in hospital?


Tough ones – and my heart goes out to you:


  • A driving drunkard killed your child?


  • She aborted the baby you were looking forward to, without telling you?


  • Your partner was brutally attacked at night, on the way home?


 It’s hard, it hurts but you must move on

Find the courage to be strong.

Unforgiveness breeds bitterness

Bitterness ages and causes diseases.


 For all who have wronged you, leave them to God.



LadyElena  Mar 2010 © All rights reserved 


March 25, 2010

Poem – Spring

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It’s spring, it’s spring

at last good weathers come in.

No more big winter Jackets

but lovely, flowery cotton skirts.


The warmth of the sun on my face

walking leisurely, no more fast pace.

Oh! the days are so bright and warm

and it’s not hard to wake up at dawn.


Eat my sandwich in the park at lunch time

Maybe get away with a little glass of wine.

Leave some nuts out for the squirrels to eat

These days they walk within just a few feet.

Its Spring….   🙂

LadyElena  Mar 2010 © All rights reserved 


March 24, 2010

Poem – Wait for Love

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Wait for Love…

You’ve done so much for me

and since youth made me happy.

I want you to enjoy this time of your life

You’ve worked so hard.


So much I want to do for you

buy you a car that’s brand new.

Make sure your comfy, in good health

and smiling everyday.


Things haven’t worked out to plan

but life must be kind to a wonderful man.

Where there’s a will there’s a way

Its just a matter of time.


You have always been so kind and generous to others

Even to those trained under you “baby lawyers”.

Its only Karma, you reap what you sow

and I promise to make you glow with pride.


We talk on the phone, you laugh and say you are 70

and you’re content to go when we’re settled and happy.

But I want you to experience a new chapter of life

You’re the only one I can truly call “Dad”.


Love you so much and miss you.  xxx

LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved

March 20, 2010

Poem – One day at a time…

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A day at a time…

One day at a time, day after day

One step in front of the other, come what may.

Paycheck after paycheck, for bill after bill

same old, same old – haven’t saved enough still.


Another decade gone, how time flies by

“Mirror, mirror” – can’t look myself in the eye

month after month, year after year

what have I accomplished? I ask in fear.


Sometimes promotion, one step forward

then challenges, two steps backward.

Through it all I’m grateful – it could have been worse

Some of those challenges turned into a good cause.


We eat, we sleep – some can barely stand on their feet

Some with good backgrounds, but left homeless on the street.

We wake up each day, while some sadly pass away.

One day at a time. I’ll make the most of each day.


LadyElena  Mar  2010 © All rights reserved

March 17, 2010

Thriller – Still from beyond

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Thrillers – Still from beyond

We love you Michael, you’ve been gone a while

We’ll never forget your Charming Smile

Since you’ve been gone, your records sale – so high

they’ve soared like rockets, beyond the sky

* R I P *

I hear there’ll be video games and recorded songs

No doubt, these will get you lots more gongs

and no one has accused you of something else yet!!

if they do, it simply means they need a “straight Jacket”.

I couldn’t resist knocking this little piece up, with Titles of your songs/videos.
Here goes………………


Michael you were gone too soon.

In a way you did heal the world and make it a better place through your humanitarian efforts. For those who continue to put you down – two words. “Beat it” and that’s being polite.

Do you remember the time you jumped out from the stage in Budapest concert. Everyone had a scream and lots of girls passed out. Poor girls nearly died of heart attacks – Thank goodness you weren’t arrested for being a Smooth Criminal.

You are not alone. Your family, friends and others who love you have their thoughts with you and your music is being played in so many parties but there is no blood on the dance floor.

Lots of speculation about your colour, but hey, I don’t care if you are black or white, chocolate or olive. You had a loving heart. You were Bad. (meaning “good” in slang)

Big Momma saw the video of you and Naomi Campbell. She covered her eyes and screamed “keep it in the closet”! You are the greatest Thriller of music of all time.

LadyElena Mar 2010 © All rights reserved

March 16, 2010

Poem – Your Time will Come

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Poem – Your time will come

Your time will come – don’t hurry!!

No hasty decisions. Stop the worry.

Time is passing you by, I know

But what if you end up a young Widow?


Rushing to the Altar, after every date…. ??!!

Be patient, wait for your own Soul mate

Your time will come – well worth the wait.

LadyElena Mar 2010 © All rights reserved

March 14, 2010

Poem – Over Sensitive World

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How did we get so Sensitive?


You hug a distressed student

and end up with a Career “dent”.


Health Worker doesn’t want to see a life ended

asks if Client needs prayer – they get her suspended.


Putting up Christmas Trees in December

Not right!  Mustn’t offend the non-xtian staff member.


Thief gets bitten, while stealing your TV and Diamond studs

Judge says pay his medical bill – there should’ve  been a sign “Beware of Dogs”.


Airport security afraid to check Muslims wearing the Niqab

convicted Muslim man leaves UK  wearing one, with heels & Handbag.


Security not allowed to manhandle shoplifters on  Shopping Spree

Instead it’s “p/s sit down, wait for the police. Would you like a cup of tea?”      


We’re careful who we invite over for dinner

incase they get sick and we hear from their lawyer.


How did we get so sensitive?

LadyElena  Mar 2010 © All rights reserved

March 13, 2010

Poem – A Little Angel gone

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Sophie Atay – 2 years old (Died March 2010)



Why The Little Angels?

Some questions in life have no answer 

Why should a little baby have Cancer? 

A child so young, so pure, so innocent 

Suddenly, the light on her candle went. 

* R I P *

Why? Why? We’ll never understand 

How could life deal such a cruel hand? 

Sophie’s Parents: Treasure memories of that short time 

She’ll always be around you whispering 

“I love you and now I’m  fine”. 


LadyElena  Mar 2010 © All rights reserved

March 10, 2010

Poem – Sex Crazed “Dads”!

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I write in response to the “Father” who continually molested 2 of his daughters in the UK for over 30 Blimmin Years – shown on the News this week. 

“It described how the man abused and intimidated his family, and how he moved them 67 times to avoid being detected by the authorities. During that time, two of his daughters, referred to as M and N, had become pregnant 18 times after being raped by him.”   Read: Full Story  This isn’t the first time Headlines like this hit the news.  Sadly, it’s still going on – some still undetected. 


Sex Crazed “Dads”!!

Your daughter is your baby 

You are who she looks up to and calls “Daddy”. 

To Nurture her 

Not deprive her. 


To protect her 

Not molest her. 

To hold (your grand child) her baby 

Not father her baby. 


To love her 

Not to ruin her. 

To guide her 

Not  mislead her. 


Wrap her in Cotton Wool 

Not treat her body so Cruel. 

Give her away in Marriage 

Not tarnish her feminine image. 


Lay your life down for her 

Not steal her life away from her. 

She was born – a little Angel, beautiful, “a Wonder” 

God put her in your care as her  Father.  



ff%bd%!!shpahole’s!%%!!  (Sorry, readers – Typo!!)


 LadyElena  Mar 2010 © All rights reserved

March 9, 2010

Poem – The Truth?

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The Truth?


Not everyone with a big smile on the outside

is smiling on the inside.

Some  are drowning in sadness, close to suicide

and with no one to confide.

When success meets you in life

Not everyone congratulates you from the heart.

They would rather see you in strife

and gloat when your life is torn apart.


Not everyone heading to the Altar

has a good intention.

Some set out to hurt their partner

Just To beat Immigration.

Not everyone in a high position of power

Is worthy of that respect.

They are just people in Uniform

With a big, fat pay check.


Not every child is happy at home

They’re not given a kiss or even a hug.

We’re harsh on them, as the streets they roam

and eventually become a Thug.

What you see, is not what’s there

The truth will never be laid bare…….


LadyElena  Mar 2010 © All rights reserved 



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