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May 22, 2010

Poem – Eat

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Eat, don’t waste away

You’ll be an Inspiration to somebody one day.


Eat, you have goals to achieve

and your whole life ahead to live.


Beauty comes from within

Not by looking as thin as a Pin.

LadyElena  May 2010 © All rights reserved


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May 18, 2010

Poem – Being Gay




Poem – Being Gay


One country’s meat is another country’s poison

A Malawi Gay couple face 14 years in Prison.


Being Gay is accepted in a Western Nation

But for most places in Africa, a total Abomination.


What are my thoughts? I’m sitting on the Fence

Refuse to make comments that will get me a “sentence!”


LadyElena  May 2010 © All rights reserved

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May 7, 2010

Poem – The Power of Music

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Poem – The Power of Music


For some it’s a way of escape

for some it helps to create

 for some it brings back memories

 for others it takes stress and brings peace.


It can make you happy

It can bring you intimacy

It can make you wanna slowly move

or really get into the groove.


Music can be uplifting

Music can be inspiring

Soft Music can calm you down

 and ease away that frown.


It can make you sing at the top of your voice

until Simon Cowell signs you – he’d have no choice

Music can make you feel you’re floating above

Music is the food of Love.


LadyElena  May 2010 © All rights reserved


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May 6, 2010

Nigeria – Build it up, don’t tear it down

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Nigeria – Build it Up, don’t Tear it down


So many people are putting Nigeria down

It’s beginning to make many frown

The 419 Scam, few Yahoo boys who don’t give a damn

Making the country the talk of town.


  *  *  *


Nigeria, so greatly Blessed with Oil

Our Fore fathers sure did Toil

and the citizens are not at fault

 for millions transferred to Europe’s Bank vault.


  *  *  *


… and what’s up with BBC? Documentaries of Nigeria – slums I see

 when will you feature Victoria Island, Abuja, the likes of Ikoyi?

So people can see the beauty of the country.


 *  *  *


Cut it out on Charity Ads!!  Some use Africa to make money – we know

TV Ad: “Every 5 minutes a child will die from a mosquito!”

How do people arrive at that conclusion?

or shall we call it an illusion?


  *  *  *


Nigeria will be great some day no doubt

All “IBB’s” and greedy politicians phased out.


Lemar , Sade Adu – both Nigerian, both a Celebrity

and there’s many more from Nigeria with Integrity.

Sade Adu


To:  Bruvs an Sis’s

Who has the loudest voice while speaking on mobile on a train?

Who are those that marry for the sake of “Status” to gain?

Even if you have just arrived from the village,

I beg, make una give your country a good image.


We don tire. Na so so Yab we dey hear!!


LadyElena  May  2010 © All rights reserved