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February 26, 2010

Men! – Marriage Vows Simplified

Cheryl and Ashley Cole on their Wedding Day


It’s heart-breaking to see married couples split. The most recent Celebrity break up was upsetting to me.  We all know Cheryl Cole “fought for her love”.  Ashley Cole cheated before and she forgave him, but no…… he had to go and do a Britney Spears on her.   “Ooops! I did it again!!”      So, on behalf of all ladies, lets simplify the Marriage Vows for the Bruvs.



Marriage Vows Simplified


In sickness and in health, For Better or for worse

For richer for poorer – when there’s nought in the Purse.


For looking gorgeous in the day time, so damn good

To looking like a scare-crow when up early, cooking your food.


for when she is not in the mood, that time of the night

to when there are flying saucers in the kitchen during a fight.


For when she is slim and looking like a sex Goddess

to when she is 9 months pregnant,  belly popping through her dress.


Some of you have the most gorgeous Chicks

But you just can’t seem to control your …………….        Hmmh!


So please men  – Stay faithful.  Keep the Tiger in the Woods.

……..  and all the Sisters in the house said:    “AMEN!!”


LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved


February 25, 2010

Poem – Losing it All

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Losing it all

You might have lost it, but it will come back
just a matter of time – you’ll be back on track.

Hitting rock bottom , there’s no where else to go
But gradually, day by day – again you grow.

This time using your story to inspire
others caught hopelessly in life’s’ tangled wire.

There’s hope, don’t stay where you are
Move on, til you twinkle above like a Star.

LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved 



February 23, 2010

Poem – Kind Words

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Kind Words

* * *

Kind words will melt a hardened heart

Even if they’re about to “throw a dart”.


Kind words will comfort people in distress

and can Turn a big “No” into a “Yes”


Kind words could make people admire you

and be inspired with what you do.


Kind words will make “challenging” students listen

I learnt this while teaching in my Lesson.


Kind words can stop an argument

So no one’s left “cold” on the pavement.


“lovely to meet you”… “have a nice Day”

for some elderly, there’s no one there to say…


Everyday, say a kind word

              Put some sunshine in someone’s world.

**May life treat you kind.  Best Wishes.**

LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved


February 22, 2010

Poem – Happy Mondays

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Oh, here we go it’s Monday!

Its cold, don’t wanna get out of bed.

A new week, a new day

can’t afford to, must earn some daily bread.



So  I Jump in the Shower

Get ready quickly.

All in the space of an hour

My posh carriage awaits me.



I drive like the Fast and the Furious

So I can get a parking space.

Security think I’m Notorious

as I pass them at such fast pace.



Finally, I arrive and have a coffee

Colleagues smile at me, the day has begun.

I open emails, what “goodies” await me?

A busy day, but I’ll certainly have fun.


Happy Monday to You  🙂



LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved 


February 20, 2010

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Poem – Apologies

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Tiger didn’t have to give an apology
It was his private life, but then he’s a big Celebrity
I think we should leave him in peace now
and who on earth was that Cow?
 On the news crying at his speech, “oh, my life’ll never be the same”
You had a 1 year affair with him – Have you no shame?!!
 I guess if a few million is thrown your way
Those tears will quickly dry away.
*  *  *
His apology was a step in the right direction
from now on, he showers his family with love and affection.
Good luck, Tiger!!


LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved

February 14, 2010

Poem – True Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Poem – True Love  (from a Lady’s point of view)


Love takes care of you and wants the best for you

Love see’s no wrong in all  that you do.

Love will respect, cherish and honour

Love will not cheat with another.



Love will cook for you if your tired

and not treat you like a maid that’s hired.

Love will run a bath on a cold wintry night

Taking away all your frost bite.



Love will listen to everything you have said

Might not understand, but will still nod his head.

Love will compliment you on what you wear

“Is my bum too big”? The truth? He wouldn’t dare.



Love puts you first and is selfless

As long as you are fine, he couldn’t care less.

Love is kind and respects your friends

His generosity never ends.



So, hold on  tight to love, and Cherish him too

He might be the best thing that happens to you.

Come rain or shine, you’ll grow old together

and like a fairy tale, live happily ever after.


LadyElena  © All rights reserved

February 12, 2010

Poem – DeRacialisation



This poem is about people I have seen go through surgery, so they lose the features of their origin, to look more Western or European.


The Asian is short and wants to be taller

 The African is dark and wants to be lighter.

She doesn’t like her African nose

He’s tired of standing on his toes.

The European wants her lips fuller

The Korean wants her skin Paler.


Jo Bloggs wants a longer P*n*s

Wants to satisfy more than his Missus?

Kathy hates her flat bum and wants a rounded one, that’s full

Gordon wants a Botox done, so he looks young and can “pull”.

The Chinese wants  surgery for double eyelids

Could the operation go wrong? – heaven forbid.


We’re all made in a  Unique way

and should be grateful we wake up to see each day.

Some lost their legs in landmines, accidents and wars

Why would you want to lengthen yours?

Some don’t have eyes to see natures’ beauty

Why have your eyelids sliced in surgery?


Beauty / confidence comes from within

Be proud of your Origin.


LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved 

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DeRacialisation – Ebook

February 10, 2010

Poem – Just for one Day

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Poem – Just for one day

Just for one day, have some Retail Therapy
and Pamper myself nicely.

Not swear at a crazy driver
Who makes a turn and trafficates after.

Not have to count calories in chocolate
It ain’t a crime if I put on some weight!

For one day, not worry about anything
Just accept what the day will bring.

Park my car anywhere
Without coming back to find a parking ticket there.

Just for one day, get to meet my Hero
Who’ll share with me secrets of life I should know.

Have it all – Happiness, peace of mind and a loved one
Then freeze time, so it’s never undone.

LadyElena Feb 2010 © All rights reserved

February 5, 2010

Poem – You are not a Mistake

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Some people in life have been told by their mum or dad that they weren’t planned. They were a mistake. They sometimes say it with so much hatred, resenting the existence of that child as to them, he/she caused them so much discomfort.
I write this Poem for such people, who I believe are not a mistake.


You are not a Mistake

You are not a mistake, don’t feel depressed

Though she was upset with the Positive pregnancy test.

You’re here now, make something of your life – find a way

cos some babies were born and didn’t last a day.


Your parents say they didn’t plan for you

As a little baby, what were you to do?

Its not your fault, that doesn’t make you bad

So quit walking around with a face so sad.


You now think you don’t deserve to live

Do you know what the future has to give?

Thinking they don’t love you, wanting to take your life. Wait!!

People who did that, made the biggest mistake.


Prove them wrong, make your dreams a reality

Be the best that you can ever be.

They’ll change that bad confession soon

As in life you start to bloom.

You are not a Mistake but a ray of Sunshine.


LadyElena Feb 2010 © All rights reserved

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