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January 14, 2010

Helping Haiti

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Times like this I have more respect & appreciate America as a Nation

Reacting immediately, sending much Relief to Haiti – in a hopeless situation.


The earthquake and calamity that hit Haiti

Could have happened anywhere, to any Country.


Thanks to all the other nations helping and people donating

Thanks to all Red Cross and other Rescue Teams supporting.

My heart goes out to to all the people there…..


Important Info –  How we can Help:

Relief being sent and how you can help   (updated regularly)

Contacting friends and relatives in Haiti – FamilyLinks    (If you want to inform your relative you are fine or if you are looking for your relative.)

British Red Cross Aid for Haiti

Tel: 0845 053 5353  (24 hrs)

Tel: 0844 871 11 11


I personally work part-time and I am available voluntarily to any organisations in London who need people to help with answering phones / support lines / Admin or any other help that is being organised in the UK for Haiti.  Leave your email in comment box or Message me directly at Twitter – LadyElenaUK.


Please let me know of any more useful info to add to this site. 

Thank you.