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January 13, 2010

Poem – Blonde, but not Dumb!

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Poem – Blonde, but not Dumb

Why do people think that Blondes are dumb?  Somehow, I don’t share that opinion. 


Claudia Schiffer - Born 1970

Of all the Super Models, Claudia Schiffer is my favourite 

She’s married, has 2 kids and still looks super fit. 

She wanted to become a Lawyer like her father 

But in her teens a Modelling Agency spotted her. 

Also starred in Films, Music Videos and Ads on Television 

to her credit her Net worth is an estimated $55 Million. 

Heidi Klum - Born 1973

Heidi klum, a Supermodel – Also Models for Victoria Secrets 

married to Seal, mother of 4 – I’d like to know her beauty tips. 

In 2008 she earned over $3Million from Victoria Secrets 

and $14 Million from other various interests. 

Has a line of clothes and beauty products of her own 

Her legs are insured for a whopping $2 Million. 

Pamela Anderson, blonde and definitely not dumb 

She posed for Playboy and became a sex bomb. 

Her career soared on Bay Watch 

All men watched  but “ouch” couldn’t touch. 

I bet when she dived in the sea, it was so cold 

But did you know she earned $300,000 per Episode? 

Pamela Anderson - Born 1967

Ivana Trump, the wisest of them all. Lovely lady who attracts attention 

First things first – In her divorce, rumoured to have received  $20 million, 

a $14 million family estate and an annual alimony of just $350 thousand. 

She must have her head screwed on well, to still stand         (financially, I mean) 

With a fashion, Jewelry range, Published books, there’s more to her than looks 

She is presently in London Celeb Big brother House and also in my good books. 


Ivana Trump - Born 1949


There are many, many more intelligent, successful Blondes but these are just a few to get you pondering. Are there any more I should add to the list? Please share with me – famous or not. 


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