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December 14, 2010

Poem – The One

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Poem – The One


Another year has come and gone.

I still haven’t found “the one”.

It’s not that I’m Picky.

People I meet seem Tricky.

So, it’s time to join the Nuns on the Run.


LadyElena Dec 2010 © All rights reserved


November 13, 2010

Beacon of Courage – Aung San Suu Kyi

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Beacon of Courage – Aung San Suu Kyi 


It’s beautiful to see Aung San Suu Kyi released today

After 7 years of being under House arrest.

How could they lock such a sweet lady away?

All she wanted for her country is the Best.


Years of being separated from friends and family

But today 13 November she is a free woman.

I wish you good Luck with your work of Democracy

Hope none stands in your way – not one nasty “Dictatorship” man!


♥¸•◦  You are a Beacon of Courage  ♥¸•◦


PS: There are still 2000 other Political Prisoners in Burma. Funny how they released her just after a rigged Election. She would have been one of the Election Candidates. So they made sure she wouldn’t be able to participate…. that Sucks!!  The Knobheads!!

LadyElena Nov 2010 © All rights reserved

May 22, 2010

Poem – Eat

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Eat, don’t waste away

You’ll be an Inspiration to somebody one day.


Eat, you have goals to achieve

and your whole life ahead to live.


Beauty comes from within

Not by looking as thin as a Pin.

LadyElena  May 2010 © All rights reserved


  ƸӜƷ   Anorexic / Healthy Affirmations   ƸӜƷ


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April 3, 2010

Julia Roberts

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*  *  *

Julia Roberts – one of my Favourite Actresses


Pretty woman – was romantic

Mystic Pizza – you were a cool chic.


Steel Magnolias – I laughed and cried

Pelican Brief – Good you had Denzel to confide.


Oceans 11 – George Clooney was really your man

Dying young – the patient had a romantic plan.


Erin Brock – didn’t know you had the balls

Sleeping with the enemy – sadly, many still behind those walls.


Step mom – she was mean

but in the name of love you were so keen.


Runaway Bride – Halleluiah!

you finally made it to the Altar.


Actresses – you are my favourite.

Effortlessly, you just flow with it.


From my EBook: Golden Poems for Golden Celebs

March 16, 2010

Poem – Your Time will Come

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Poem – Your time will come

Your time will come – don’t hurry!!

No hasty decisions. Stop the worry.

Time is passing you by, I know

But what if you end up a young Widow?


Rushing to the Altar, after every date…. ??!!

Be patient, wait for your own Soul mate

Your time will come – well worth the wait.

LadyElena Mar 2010 © All rights reserved

February 14, 2010

Poem – True Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Poem – True Love  (from a Lady’s point of view)


Love takes care of you and wants the best for you

Love see’s no wrong in all  that you do.

Love will respect, cherish and honour

Love will not cheat with another.



Love will cook for you if your tired

and not treat you like a maid that’s hired.

Love will run a bath on a cold wintry night

Taking away all your frost bite.



Love will listen to everything you have said

Might not understand, but will still nod his head.

Love will compliment you on what you wear

“Is my bum too big”? The truth? He wouldn’t dare.



Love puts you first and is selfless

As long as you are fine, he couldn’t care less.

Love is kind and respects your friends

His generosity never ends.



So, hold on  tight to love, and Cherish him too

He might be the best thing that happens to you.

Come rain or shine, you’ll grow old together

and like a fairy tale, live happily ever after.


LadyElena  © All rights reserved

January 13, 2010

Poem – Blonde, but not Dumb!

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Poem – Blonde, but not Dumb

Why do people think that Blondes are dumb?  Somehow, I don’t share that opinion. 


Claudia Schiffer - Born 1970

Of all the Super Models, Claudia Schiffer is my favourite 

She’s married, has 2 kids and still looks super fit. 

She wanted to become a Lawyer like her father 

But in her teens a Modelling Agency spotted her. 

Also starred in Films, Music Videos and Ads on Television 

to her credit her Net worth is an estimated $55 Million. 

Heidi Klum - Born 1973

Heidi klum, a Supermodel – Also Models for Victoria Secrets 

married to Seal, mother of 4 – I’d like to know her beauty tips. 

In 2008 she earned over $3Million from Victoria Secrets 

and $14 Million from other various interests. 

Has a line of clothes and beauty products of her own 

Her legs are insured for a whopping $2 Million. 

Pamela Anderson, blonde and definitely not dumb 

She posed for Playboy and became a sex bomb. 

Her career soared on Bay Watch 

All men watched  but “ouch” couldn’t touch. 

I bet when she dived in the sea, it was so cold 

But did you know she earned $300,000 per Episode? 

Pamela Anderson - Born 1967

Ivana Trump, the wisest of them all. Lovely lady who attracts attention 

First things first – In her divorce, rumoured to have received  $20 million, 

a $14 million family estate and an annual alimony of just $350 thousand. 

She must have her head screwed on well, to still stand         (financially, I mean) 

With a fashion, Jewelry range, Published books, there’s more to her than looks 

She is presently in London Celeb Big brother House and also in my good books. 


Ivana Trump - Born 1949


There are many, many more intelligent, successful Blondes but these are just a few to get you pondering. Are there any more I should add to the list? Please share with me – famous or not. 


LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved

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(** Info: Wikipedia, Imdp, knowyournetworth)



January 2, 2010

Poem – He’s got a 6 Pack, so what??

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"That don't impress me much" - Shania Twain. lol.

Poem – He’s got a 6 Pack, so what??


You’ve met a new guy – tall, dark and Handsome

Your melting and have butterflies.

Love is blind, your completely overcome

But have you really looked deep into those eyes?

 **   ***  **

Have you looked beyond the looks

The Armani Scent and all the Bling Bling?

Before you put him in your Good books

Could he be hiding a wedding ring?

 **  *** **

There are some nice respectful men out there

But it’s wise to look beyond looks.

Some Guys are like Gems, very rare

But some are just plain Crooks!


LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved

  Men – Wearing Cornrows                  Men – Wearing it Bald

December 27, 2009

Poem – Women and Size Zero

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Plus Size - Model


Poem – Women and Size Zero

All women can’t be a size zero

Not even on a high profile Fashion Show.

Ladies can be a small or big size

& Still look pleasing to the eyes

Can I hear an “Amen” Guys, you should know.


 Here’s a day in my life being a “Slim Jim”

Counting calories, eating less, coffee without cream.

People say “your looking good”

I  day dream about food

In Mcdonald’s, phone rings – I answer, “In the Gym!”.


 So, ladies, We can’t all be a size zero

Stop tough diets, trying to be a Beauty hero.

Be comfy in your own skin

Lots of admirers, you’ll still win

George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Ronaldo.


LadyElena Dec 09 © All rights reserved

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