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January 11, 2010

PoemQuiz (3) – What’s the movie?

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FilmPoems are based on part of a Film.  After reading, see if you can tell which film it is. 

FilmPoems (3) – What’s the movie?


Instructed by his “friend” to keep his head down

Not to draw attention, as he made his way round town.


As he walked on the road, he walked straight into a Pole

Police officers asked him to be careful and continued their parole.


He said okay to them and again walked into the pole     (ouch!! Lol)

No wonder his “friend” occasionally called him an asshole.


As dumb as he was, he had a beautiful young daughter

She never spoke, he was broke and didn’t want Social care to take her


At the end, as a “family” they had to leave the country

The dumb guy, the smart guy, the daughter – all three.


What is the name of the film?

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