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May 22, 2010

Poem – Eat

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Eat, don’t waste away

You’ll be an Inspiration to somebody one day.


Eat, you have goals to achieve

and your whole life ahead to live.


Beauty comes from within

Not by looking as thin as a Pin.

LadyElena  May 2010 © All rights reserved


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April 5, 2010

Top 5 Poems – Thank you, Readers

Top 5 Poems (from the first 50)  – Thank you


I started this Blog just after Christmas in 2009 and published my 50th Poem on 3 April – Julia Roberts.  A “Big Thanks” to everyone who has taken the time to  visit and read my poems, I hope you enjoyed them. The links are posted on various websites and from all the Statistics the top 5 (which have received the most views to date) are below. Remember to subscribe, so you never miss one and also if you have time visit me at Hubpages by clicking on my photo on the right.

1) Poem – Look Deeper

I wrote this poem because a lot of times we are quick to point fingers and judge others, not taking time to find out if there is an underlying issue. A lot of alcoholics today started on the bottle because they were depressed, maybe couldn’t cope with a bad relationship gone wrong or had a bereavement etc.



2) Poem – Angels in Disguise

I wrote this because I truly believe that Angels live amongst us – only they might not necessarily have Angels wings. We should be mindful of how we treat people. It could be an angel in disguise. It could even be an Angel sent to bless you.



3) Poem – Live with Passion

This was written because we live our lives only once and some of us spend so much time worrying or not living in the moment. We should appreciate the smallest of things.  Sunset in the morning, a walk in a beautiful park. Spending time doing things that make us happy. We can’t ever bring back yesterday.



4) Poem – Beauty of Nature

It speaks for itself and has lots of beautiful photos of nature.



5) Poem – You are not a Mistake

There are people in life who learnt that they were actually an unwanted baby. (I think its cruel for a mother to tell this to a child). Just because the timing was wrong and they had to sacrifice a lot of time on the child doesn’t mean they have to feel so much bitterness. This is deeply hurting and can weigh people down in life. I’m grateful for parents who love me, but I wrote this to encourage people whose mum or dad just can’t stand the sight of them.


Best Wishes, Elena  🙂

April 5, 2010 

January 10, 2010

Poem – Look Deeper

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I think sometimes in life, we are too quick to point a finger…..


Poem – Look Deeper

 Why does he always smoke and continue to take Coke?

Needles on his skin – Everyday another poke.

Could something have pushed him to it?

What on earth made his heart Quit?

  *   *   *

Why is she “legless” always having a drink?

Why do you think she needs a shrink?

Could something be hurting her deep inside?

What in her, a long time died?

 *   *   *

Why does she want to look as thin as a pin?

Oblivious to the bones sticking out through her skin.

Could it be the one thing, she feels she can control?

Her family will be  shattered, if it takes her soul?

*   *   *  

Don’t point fingers at these  people

Or use them as a point of ridicule.

Look Deeper. Something could have happened inside

Look to help, before it ends in Suicide.

*   *   *

Ps. I apologise for the explicit picture – just bringing the message home.

LadyElena  Jan 2010 © All rights reserved


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