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January 7, 2010

Poem – Beauty of Nature

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Nature, so beautiful.   Do we enjoy it?

 Beauty of  Nature

Sunset at the dawn of a New day

Just watching it melts your stress away.

 Waterfalls pouring from a height

Quite an awesome, amazing sight.




Moon and Stars shining so bright

At night, Darkness bears no fright.

  On the Beach, the Ocean gently roars

Meditating with it, our spirit soars.




Summer – flowers in the park, squirrels running round

Trying to find any nuts left on the ground.

 Nature is so beautiful

Are we appreciating it to the full?



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December 27, 2009

Poem – Women and Size Zero

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Plus Size - Model


Poem – Women and Size Zero

All women can’t be a size zero

Not even on a high profile Fashion Show.

Ladies can be a small or big size

& Still look pleasing to the eyes

Can I hear an “Amen” Guys, you should know.


 Here’s a day in my life being a “Slim Jim”

Counting calories, eating less, coffee without cream.

People say “your looking good”

I  day dream about food

In Mcdonald’s, phone rings – I answer, “In the Gym!”.


 So, ladies, We can’t all be a size zero

Stop tough diets, trying to be a Beauty hero.

Be comfy in your own skin

Lots of admirers, you’ll still win

George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Ronaldo.


LadyElena Dec 09 © All rights reserved

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