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July 3, 2014

Poem – You will Smile Again

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Smile Again

It doesn’t matter who hurt you, broke you down

Or had you so stressed & crying all round Town.

What matters is who melted away all the pain

and made you smile again.

Be Grateful.

Life is Beautiful.  ¸.·*♡


LadyElena – July 2014 (c) All rights reserved

July 27, 2010

Poem – Innocent Blood

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Innocent blood


Its dosen’t seem to stop, the attacks on the innocent.  All in the month of July 2010:


Kids murdered by their father, 

Asian man attacked, left dead, infront of his grand daughter.


People being shot without no mercy,

a  police officer left blind, he’ll never see.


I doubt this Country will ever know love again,

every day the news is filled with so much pain.


•*¨*♥   May God protect the innocent.  ♥*¨*•


LadyElena July 2010 © All rights reserved 


June 12, 2010

Poem – The Heartless

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Poem – The Heartless


They may pull you down

but you’ll rise again

and put them to shame.



They may knock you down

but you will not break

or suffer heartache.



They may make you frown

and feel cut in half

♥  but you will surely have the last  laugh.  ♥




LadyElena  June 2010 © All rights reserved