Poems from the Heart

March 11, 2015

Poem – Be The One

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Be The One

When people look down on another person,

Be the one to give the brightest smile.


When people turn that person away out of lack,

Be the one to give what you can.


When people tell that person, their life is worthless,

Be the one to affirm life isn’t hopeless.


When people judge that person,

Be the one to show no one is perfect.


As people criticise the work others have done,

Be the one to commend the effort they made.


As people speak negatively, bringing people down,

Speak to them positively, building them up.


Their Success has gone, every one walks out,

Be Strong for them and be the one to walk in.


When they are disrespected, rejected,

Make them feel special, not neglected.

Be that person who makes a positive Difference.


 Nobody knows Tomorrow.