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March 11, 2015

Poem – Be The One

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Be The One

When people look down on another person,

Be the one to give the brightest smile.


When people turn that person away out of lack,

Be the one to give what you can.


When people tell that person, their life is worthless,

Be the one to affirm life isn’t hopeless.


When people judge that person,

Be the one to show no one is perfect.


As people criticise the work others have done,

Be the one to commend the effort they made.


As people speak negatively, bringing people down,

Speak to them positively, building them up.


Their Success has gone, every one walks out,

Be Strong for them and be the one to walk in.


When they are disrespected, rejected,

Make them feel special, not neglected.

Be that person who makes a positive Difference.


 Nobody knows Tomorrow.

September 22, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

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Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

In turn, give you a lot of Happiness.


People shouldn’t always have to ask

Before we help with a simple task.


If you spot the need

Act on it with speed.


Random Acts of  Kindness

Can relieve the world of it’s Stress.


LadyElena  September 2013 (c) All rights reserved

October 17, 2010

Poem – Giving Hope

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Giving Hope


Will you give hope to someone this week?

An encouraging word to them, speak.

There are so many hurting out there

But they never lay their hearts bare.

 ♥¸.·*♡: ♥¸.·*

The lonely, the lost, the addicted

The sad, the suicidal, the afflicted.

We don’t know, but our paths cross everyday

Be kind to all that come your way. 🙂


LadyElena Oct 2010 © All rights reserved

February 23, 2010

Poem – Kind Words

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Kind Words

* * *

Kind words will melt a hardened heart

Even if they’re about to “throw a dart”.


Kind words will comfort people in distress

and can Turn a big “No” into a “Yes”


Kind words could make people admire you

and be inspired with what you do.


Kind words will make “challenging” students listen

I learnt this while teaching in my Lesson.


Kind words can stop an argument

So no one’s left “cold” on the pavement.


“lovely to meet you”… “have a nice Day”

for some elderly, there’s no one there to say…


Everyday, say a kind word

              Put some sunshine in someone’s world.

**May life treat you kind.  Best Wishes.**

LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved


January 1, 2010

Poem – Give what u Can

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We can give - Money, our time or just in Kind.

We might be in recession but that doesn’t mean we can’t give in other ways, such as helping someone with heavy shopping bags, giving someone a lift to do their  Groceries, giving a listening ear to the elderly, teaching someone a subject, (even if it’s once a week). Helping someone babysit so they don’t have to pay and other random acts of Kindness. There are several other ways and you will be greatly rewarded – but don’t ask me how. That’s for you to find out.  🙂

Poem – Give what u can

Lets all be a Giver this Year

It could be in money or in Kind.

No matter how much or little we have – share

To give others a little peace of mind.


Poor people are not just in Asia and Africa

They are also in America and Europe.

People with no homes, no Jobs and in a tight Corner

Do what you can to help people Cope.


LadyElena Jan 2010 © All rights reserved



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