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March 1, 2012

Happy New Month!

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This month keep happy

Don’t let things drag you down.

Trust that you will be lucky

and not one day will frown.


Life passes us by so quickly

make the most of each day.

Be busy keeping yourself happy

and blessings will be attracted your way.


LadyElena  March 2012 © All rights reserved


April 1, 2010

Poem – Why can’t We?

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Why can’t we?


Why can’t we all live in Peace?

Without a blimmin Suicide bomber!

Who believes it’s the will of his “maker”.


Why can’t we all be happily married?

Live happily ever after

As most marriages end up in disaster.


Why can’t we all live without diseases?

Little babies returning to heaven

Within days of being born.  😦


Why can’t we all have homes to live in?

Instead, some sleep on the streets with a mouse

and some  live comfy in a Pent House.


Why can’t we all be Presidents?

Actually, lets forget this one

Not sure there’s room on top for everyone.


Why can’t we all have money?

Not necessarily “minted”

Just enough to keep us out of debt!


…. and why can’t I eat all the Chocolate I want?

without having to count the calories

frequently asking: Does my bum look big in this?”


Why can’t we  just have it all and be Happy??


LadyElena  Apr 2010 © All rights reserved

February 14, 2010

Poem – True Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Poem – True Love  (from a Lady’s point of view)


Love takes care of you and wants the best for you

Love see’s no wrong in all  that you do.

Love will respect, cherish and honour

Love will not cheat with another.



Love will cook for you if your tired

and not treat you like a maid that’s hired.

Love will run a bath on a cold wintry night

Taking away all your frost bite.



Love will listen to everything you have said

Might not understand, but will still nod his head.

Love will compliment you on what you wear

“Is my bum too big”? The truth? He wouldn’t dare.



Love puts you first and is selfless

As long as you are fine, he couldn’t care less.

Love is kind and respects your friends

His generosity never ends.



So, hold on  tight to love, and Cherish him too

He might be the best thing that happens to you.

Come rain or shine, you’ll grow old together

and like a fairy tale, live happily ever after.


LadyElena  © All rights reserved

December 27, 2009

Poem – Here Today, There Tomorrow

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Life is full of uncertainties. It’s the one thing that man has no guarantee over, but I’ll write this from a positive point.


Poem – Here today, There tomorrow

One minute your single, sad and all alone

The next, you can’t get your new love off the phone.


One day you come to terms with the fact you’ll never be parents

The next year, your driving with  your baby at the back of your Merc Benz.


One minute your threatened with eviction from your home

Not long after, your comfy and even buy a holiday home in Rome.


Split of a second someone gets Sacked in an unfair way

next job –  what’s normally a week’s wages, they now earn in a day.


The Doctors says its all over for you, nothing more they can do

5 years down the line, in life your still happily sailing through.


Then there’s those that had it all, lost it, and gained it right back

Anthony Robbins, Stephen Pierce, Multi-millionaires, back on track.


and there’s those that keep on saying “I wanna win the lottery”

They get lucky, win a few Million and get bankrupt in two years or three.     Doh!!


Here Today, there Tomorrow

May life treat us kind and keep us from sorrow.


LadyElena Dec 09 © All rights reserved

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