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July 14, 2014

Poem – No More Excuses

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no excuses.

No More Excuses


If you want to, you can,

Start by making a plan.


There’s nothing you CAN’T achieve,

when you strongly believe.


You could have 100 excuses

Or limited resources, for you to find uses.


But where there is A WILL , there is A WAY.

Hold that thought from Today!  (◕‿◕)


LadyElena – July 2014 (c) All rights reserved

April 21, 2014

Keep on Moving

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keep moving


Limerick – Keep on Moving


In life, we have to keep moving

Days are passing and time is flying

Take one goal at a time

action it one day at a time

or someone else’s dream you’ll be building!!


LadyElena – April 2014 (c) All rights reserved

November 28, 2010

Poem – Pursuit of Dreams

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Pursuit of  Dreams 

Dreams can and do come True

They are not just a Fantasy.

Face any challenges, be positive, Breakthrough

til what you visualise becomes a reality. 🙂 


LadyElena Nov 2010 © All rights reserved


April 21, 2010

Poem – Life’s Journey

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Life’s Journey

I’m still plodding along each day

but what if I have already lost my way…

Should I have taken another turn?

Or am I on the right path and simply carry on?


*    *    *


A few times, I’ve reached cross roads

Not knowing which one “truly” leads to my goals.

But I carry on, sometimes blindly

and pray that God is behind me.


*    *    *


They say: “Live life to the full”

I hope not to live like a fool.

It’s only once – this life’s journey

So, I pray thee, be kind  to me

and all my readers………………  🙂

LadyElena  Apr 2010 © All rights reserved 



April 18, 2010

Poem – Why give up now?

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Why give up now?


Why would you throw in the Towel now?

because of problems and “a little” stress?

Under the pressure you let your knees bow

Some problems are the price of Progress.

*   *   * 

Common, find a way – give it one more try 🙂

Find the inner strength, now’s not the time to digress.

One more step forward – your miracle is nigh

Some problems are Stepping Stones to our Success.


LadyElena  Apr 2010 © All rights reserved