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February 12, 2010

Poem – DeRacialisation



This poem is about people I have seen go through surgery, so they lose the features of their origin, to look more Western or European.


The Asian is short and wants to be taller

 The African is dark and wants to be lighter.

She doesn’t like her African nose

He’s tired of standing on his toes.

The European wants her lips fuller

The Korean wants her skin Paler.


Jo Bloggs wants a longer P*n*s

Wants to satisfy more than his Missus?

Kathy hates her flat bum and wants a rounded one, that’s full

Gordon wants a Botox done, so he looks young and can “pull”.

The Chinese wants  surgery for double eyelids

Could the operation go wrong? – heaven forbid.


We’re all made in a  Unique way

and should be grateful we wake up to see each day.

Some lost their legs in landmines, accidents and wars

Why would you want to lengthen yours?

Some don’t have eyes to see natures’ beauty

Why have your eyelids sliced in surgery?


Beauty / confidence comes from within

Be proud of your Origin.


LadyElena  Feb 2010 © All rights reserved 

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February 2, 2010

Valentines gift – Book of Golden Poems

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E Book - Golden Poems for Golden Celebs

The Book:

Golden Poems for Golden Celebs was written by me and published 1 Feb 2010.

It’s a book of:

* Interesting

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I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.