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October 12, 2014

Poem – Look Up

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look up


Poem – Look Up


Look up to God

Look away from Man

or you settle for Frustration.


Look up to God

Look away from your Circumstance

or you settle for Stagnation.


Look up to God

Away from Plan A and B Alternatives

or you settle for confusion.


Look up to God

Look from self and your abilities

or you settle for Limitation.


Look up to God

Don’t look down or behind

or you settle for Depression.


Looking up to God

Brings Progress and Acceleration.

A life of Divine Elevation.



 LadyElena – October 2014 ~ (c) All rights reserved

July 14, 2014

Poem – No More Excuses

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no excuses.

No More Excuses


If you want to, you can,

Start by making a plan.


There’s nothing you CAN’T achieve,

when you strongly believe.


You could have 100 excuses

Or limited resources, for you to find uses.


But where there is A WILL , there is A WAY.

Hold that thought from Today!  (◕‿◕)


LadyElena – July 2014 (c) All rights reserved

October 21, 2012

Lifes Trials

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Life’s Trials

Don’t feel sad and cry

or continually ask “why?”

Sometimes it’s a lesson,

That will turn into a blessing.


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April 30, 2010

Poem – There is still Hope

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There is still hope


As long as a new day breaks

Inspite of your mistakes

There is still hope.


As long as the sun shines in the sky

Though mountains of life seem so high

There is still hope.


As long as you are still breathing

Despite hard knocks life is bringing

There is still hope.


As long as you wake up each new day

and for one minute just pray

There is still hope.


Don’t look at the challenges

Focus on lots of positives

There is still hope.


What do you want in Life? 

See it, Feel it, Believe it

My friend, don’t lose Hope . 🙂


LadyElenaUK  Apr 2010 © All rights reserved 



March 20, 2010

Poem – One day at a time…

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A day at a time…

One day at a time, day after day

One step in front of the other, come what may.

Paycheck after paycheck, for bill after bill

same old, same old – haven’t saved enough still.


Another decade gone, how time flies by

“Mirror, mirror” – can’t look myself in the eye

month after month, year after year

what have I accomplished? I ask in fear.


Sometimes promotion, one step forward

then challenges, two steps backward.

Through it all I’m grateful – it could have been worse

Some of those challenges turned into a good cause.


We eat, we sleep – some can barely stand on their feet

Some with good backgrounds, but left homeless on the street.

We wake up each day, while some sadly pass away.

One day at a time. I’ll make the most of each day.


LadyElena  Mar  2010 © All rights reserved