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May 6, 2010

Nigeria – Build it up, don’t tear it down

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Nigeria – Build it Up, don’t Tear it down


So many people are putting Nigeria down

It’s beginning to make many frown

The 419 Scam, few Yahoo boys who don’t give a damn

Making the country the talk of town.


  *  *  *


Nigeria, so greatly Blessed with Oil

Our Fore fathers sure did Toil

and the citizens are not at fault

 for millions transferred to Europe’s Bank vault.


  *  *  *


… and what’s up with BBC? Documentaries of Nigeria – slums I see

 when will you feature Victoria Island, Abuja, the likes of Ikoyi?

So people can see the beauty of the country.


 *  *  *


Cut it out on Charity Ads!!  Some use Africa to make money – we know

TV Ad: “Every 5 minutes a child will die from a mosquito!”

How do people arrive at that conclusion?

or shall we call it an illusion?


  *  *  *


Nigeria will be great some day no doubt

All “IBB’s” and greedy politicians phased out.


Lemar , Sade Adu – both Nigerian, both a Celebrity

and there’s many more from Nigeria with Integrity.

Sade Adu


To:  Bruvs an Sis’s

Who has the loudest voice while speaking on mobile on a train?

Who are those that marry for the sake of “Status” to gain?

Even if you have just arrived from the village,

I beg, make una give your country a good image.


We don tire. Na so so Yab we dey hear!!


LadyElena  May  2010 © All rights reserved



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