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March 25, 2010

Poem – Spring

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It’s spring, it’s spring

at last good weathers come in.

No more big winter Jackets

but lovely, flowery cotton skirts.


The warmth of the sun on my face

walking leisurely, no more fast pace.

Oh! the days are so bright and warm

and it’s not hard to wake up at dawn.


Eat my sandwich in the park at lunch time

Maybe get away with a little glass of wine.

Leave some nuts out for the squirrels to eat

These days they walk within just a few feet.

Its Spring….   🙂

LadyElena  Mar 2010 © All rights reserved 




  1. Hi Lady E – read loads of your poems – thank you for your time in writing them and sharing your feelings – I post on this poem only as I’m not sure where the comment-box is for all of them – never mind –

    Poems, of course, are not like prose – poems compress feelings and really place them like tiny roses (along with their thorns sometimes) straight from the page and into the heart.

    You are a powerful communicator LE and seem to me, through the words you use, to be a ‘warrior-poet’ standing up for others with the shield of honesty and the sword of love. Thank you

    Comment by amorea13 — August 14, 2010 @ 12:24 am |Reply

    • Hello Dave, So lovely to see you here. I checked a few of my Hubs to find your wordpress link and couldn’t. (I know its on one of them) I’m so glad you stopped by. I can locate you now.
      Thanks for your warm comments. This blog is like Therapy for me. (I’m sorry I’m just responding now – I don’t check in here everyday).
      I really appreciate you visiting. Best Wishes, Elena.

      Comment by ladyelenauk — August 17, 2010 @ 11:48 pm |Reply

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