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March 17, 2010

Thriller – Still from beyond

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Thrillers – Still from beyond

We love you Michael, you’ve been gone a while

We’ll never forget your Charming Smile

Since you’ve been gone, your records sale – so high

they’ve soared like rockets, beyond the sky

* R I P *

I hear there’ll be video games and recorded songs

No doubt, these will get you lots more gongs

and no one has accused you of something else yet!!

if they do, it simply means they need a “straight Jacket”.

I couldn’t resist knocking this little piece up, with Titles of your songs/videos.
Here goes………………


Michael you were gone too soon.

In a way you did heal the world and make it a better place through your humanitarian efforts. For those who continue to put you down – two words. “Beat it” and that’s being polite.

Do you remember the time you jumped out from the stage in Budapest concert. Everyone had a scream and lots of girls passed out. Poor girls nearly died of heart attacks – Thank goodness you weren’t arrested for being a Smooth Criminal.

You are not alone. Your family, friends and others who love you have their thoughts with you and your music is being played in so many parties but there is no blood on the dance floor.

Lots of speculation about your colour, but hey, I don’t care if you are black or white, chocolate or olive. You had a loving heart. You were Bad. (meaning “good” in slang)

Big Momma saw the video of you and Naomi Campbell. She covered her eyes and screamed “keep it in the closet”! You are the greatest Thriller of music of all time.

LadyElena Mar 2010 © All rights reserved


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