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March 14, 2010

Poem – Over Sensitive World

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How did we get so Sensitive?


You hug a distressed student

and end up with a Career “dent”.


Health Worker doesn’t want to see a life ended

asks if Client needs prayer – they get her suspended.


Putting up Christmas Trees in December

Not right!  Mustn’t offend the non-xtian staff member.


Thief gets bitten, while stealing your TV and Diamond studs

Judge says pay his medical bill – there should’ve  been a sign “Beware of Dogs”.


Airport security afraid to check Muslims wearing the Niqab

convicted Muslim man leaves UK  wearing one, with heels & Handbag.


Security not allowed to manhandle shoplifters on  Shopping Spree

Instead it’s “p/s sit down, wait for the police. Would you like a cup of tea?”      


We’re careful who we invite over for dinner

incase they get sick and we hear from their lawyer.


How did we get so sensitive?

LadyElena  Mar 2010 © All rights reserved



  1. Beautiful! Indeed the world is gone a bit weird on us! well written and observed

    Comment by thomasmarzano — September 16, 2010 @ 6:31 pm |Reply

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