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March 10, 2010

Poem – Sex Crazed “Dads”!

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I write in response to the “Father” who continually molested 2 of his daughters in the UK for over 30 Blimmin Years – shown on the News this week. 

“It described how the man abused and intimidated his family, and how he moved them 67 times to avoid being detected by the authorities. During that time, two of his daughters, referred to as M and N, had become pregnant 18 times after being raped by him.”   Read: Full Story  This isn’t the first time Headlines like this hit the news.  Sadly, it’s still going on – some still undetected. 


Sex Crazed “Dads”!!

Your daughter is your baby 

You are who she looks up to and calls “Daddy”. 

To Nurture her 

Not deprive her. 


To protect her 

Not molest her. 

To hold (your grand child) her baby 

Not father her baby. 


To love her 

Not to ruin her. 

To guide her 

Not  mislead her. 


Wrap her in Cotton Wool 

Not treat her body so Cruel. 

Give her away in Marriage 

Not tarnish her feminine image. 


Lay your life down for her 

Not steal her life away from her. 

She was born – a little Angel, beautiful, “a Wonder” 

God put her in your care as her  Father.  



ff%bd%!!shpahole’s!%%!!  (Sorry, readers – Typo!!)


 LadyElena  Mar 2010 © All rights reserved

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